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The fiber laser cutting machine cutting  machine cut the stainless steel tube. The hi-tech


  • Sheet and plate metal cutting 1500mmx3000mm, our fibre laser can cut up to 20mm thick Carbon steel, 10mm stainless steel and 5mm aluminium and brass.

  • Our tube cutter has a 200mm chuck diameter and 7.5m long bed for all your pipe, structural, SHS and RHS needs.

  • Bending metal sheets 4mm up to 2500mm long

  • Fabrication of parts including bending, tapping and welding

  • powder coating is on site. The current coating oven is suitable for parts that  measure up to 1800x1600mm 

  • We use quoting software to give fast and accurate quotes every time so our customers can trust consistency and fair rates. We just require the DXF, PDF, IGS files.

  • If you have a custom part but don't have the file contact us and we can work with you to get a result you're after.

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857 Ramsden Drive North Albury

0487 100 039

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